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Calling All Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Empaths and highly sensitive people (Sensitives) are affected by the Spirit, thoughts and emotions of everyone they come in contact with. As a result, they may have difficulty coping with the sheer volume and intensity of feelings and be unable to recognise what emotions are theirs and what belongs to others.

These emotions become stuck in their energetic bodies and need to be released and their energy reset to a new vibration.

We (the Angels and I) created The World Attunement Days as a solution to this congestion so that Empaths and HSP’s can continue to do the healing work so necessary to the world at the present time. 

All World Attunement Days are available to all for f.r.e.e. as a service to humanity at this time of great awakening. 

Why are we calling Empaths and Higher Sensitive Persons?
In the last 10 years, humanity has been awakening and realizing the need for more kindness, gentleness, love and acceptance. As a consequence of this, there has been a releasing of what appears to be more pain, suffering and hurting of ourselves, animals and plants, and the earth itself. You’ve become aware of the need to be more kind, gentle, loving and accepting (of all as being equal) when you recognize and change your hurtful behaviours. And this begins with where you have felt hurt, pain and sorrow.
As empaths and HSP’s you are wired to kindness, gentleness, love and acceptance and wish to see this more in the world (and these qualities are necessary to create the awakening humanity is going through). As a result, you collect the pain of all beings (including flora and fauna) and try to process it. Often you do this unconsciously. You may not know why you feel sad or overwhelmed but you do.
Where is this taking place in terms of a human’s body?
This work you’re about to do takes place in the auric fields, in particular, the template of your physical body in spirit that acts as an interface between your physical body and your none physical aspects of self – primarily your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, higher self and soul self. The astral plane that surrounds all 3rd-dimensional beings will also be affected.
De-cluttering the body of old emotions allows for more flow and information to be delivered to your awakened self and a chance for you to move forward more easily and freely.
The Angels have requested the World Attunement Days be continued in 2019.
Watch this page for upcoming information on dates and events.
Release Grief – Sessions # 1-3 completed.
Positive Learning – Session #1 completed.
Angels Peace Meditation 9 -21 April 2019 Session 1-13 completed
(Completed sessions may still be accessed by following the links above.)
Who is Melody R. Green?
Melody has agreed to assist us and humanity by giving her time to put this into the world for us. She is an energy tuner (healer) and soul coach and has worked with the Angelic Realm and other entities as a guide for over 25 years. She is making the information available to you and helps hold the space for the connections to happen. This service is free as a gift to humanity, and we thank her for her ongoing love and support.
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