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Re-Source Your Soul

as you make your way in your life…

The way back to your soul can appear lonely and daunting.

You may have had to leave the support of friends and family to reconnect with yourself.

The Soul’s journey requires you to turn inward.

You will need to become quieter so you can hear your intuition more easily.

You find that books and tools are ways to help you connect at the beginning of your journey because you are looking for a new resonance with self.

These resources can help you with your journey… from my heart to yours.


ATMGN ebook cover A Tipsy Man Goes Naked – Love Tales and Recipes.



Daily Prayers for the 21st Century Woman

33 prayers channelled from the Angelic Realm especially for the 21st Century Woman who wishes to make sacred, spiritual prayers but not follow a religion. The selection includes prayers for family, friends, wedding day, pregnancy, pain and loss.


The Angels’ Gratitude Diary

If you asked the Angels how your life could be happier and more fulfilling, these are the actions the Angels would ask you to take to make it happen. Melody R. Green has angels as house guests. The Angels’ Gratitude Diary was the method they gave her to change her life around. Taking small, regular steps daily, the technique is simple, straightforward and easy to do. Don’t you deserve to have a happier and more fulfilling life? With this e-book you can!


365 Life Shifts – Pivotal Moments that changed everything.

Every so often, we have an experience that alters the course of our lives and changes who we are forever. Sometimes these moments fill us with rapture and flood us with insight. Other times, they are blessings in disguise that don’t reveal their treasure until years later. However they show up, these moments can inspire us to live richer, deeper, and more authentically soulful lives.

In this book, over 250 beautiful souls share such life-changing moments – experiences that inspired, uplifted, shook us to our core, got us back on track (or onto a new track altogether), and led us toward our true selves. The 365 inspiring stories include:

  • discovering your purpose,

  • experiencing a spiritual awakening,

  • leaving a job/relationship/home/religion to follow your soul’s whispers,

  • bravely opening up to love,

  • receiving messages from beyond,

  • tapping into your inner strength,

  • finding the beauty and wisdom in all of life, even in the difficult moments,

  • and so much more!

While the experiences themselves vary greatly, each of these moments transformed the authors and helped them shift in a positive way. These true stories (one page each – for quick inspiration!) were written with love and infused with the intention that you’ll be able to discover the beauty in your own life shifts, too.                                                          2017 Amazon Bestseller List in 8 categories


Beloved, I Love You So…

One woman’s great love story told in the letters she wrote Beloved, I Love You So… is more than a memoir about love.It’s a profound exploration of what it is to love in all its many nuances, depths, forms, symbols, and senses. This is a book that takes you on a very personal and multi-faceted voyage into that most human and, at the same time, most divine of emotions.When you have read the last letter, turned the last page of the book, and arrived at the end of your journey, you will discover your understanding of love has been immeasurably expanded and enriched. You will never experience love quite the same way again. You will be forever changed.A lyrical lesson in how to love and be loved.                                                                                                                                     Available in paperback and e-book.


The Art of Flirting and Seduction

Have you ever wondered why some men and women can charm the birds from the trees while others can’t? Or why flirting and pick up lines sound so right with one person but false and cheesy if used by another? It’s all to do with authenticity. In the Art of Flirting and Seduction Melody explains what to look for and how you can increase your flirting and seduction quotient by being aware of the philosophy and mechanics behind giving pleasure to others by what you say and how you say it. If you are looking to find the best one liners to chat up a man or woman – this book is NOT for you.
But if you are wanting to learn the attributes and mindset of a flirter or seducer then you’ve come to the right place!
In this tongue in cheek look at flirters, seducers and stayers.
Melody R Green takes you into the laws of engagement, the art of flirting, serious seduction and even commitment and goodbyes.
The flavour is light and playful, the information thought provoking.
Practise makes perfect – let’s begin!                                                                                  Available as an e-book.


Your Career Your Way

If you want to feel confident, clear and ready to move your work life from blah to fabulous, then the Your Career Your Way workbook will get you there.

A must have for any woman who is wishing for a more fulfilling career and life. Choose your next career move the Your Career Your Way,   and see the difference!

2015 – Finalist – International Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards.