Angel Lovelight Messages



The Angels like it when we speak with them, when we listen to their wisdom and when they can help us. They can’t do this though unless we ask for help. They will not interfere with our choices unless it is a matter of life and death, and it is not time for us to pass.

I have been speaking to the angels now for many years. They are my constant companions, friends, and family. Some years ago, they asked me to send out a newsletter to my subscribers with messages for my clients and as before when I was instructed to do something I followed their instructions. Much change and growth are happening in the world at the moment, and here again, I‘ve been asked to make changes. This time it is to close the regular newsletters and open this blog page for their messages to get to more people.

Messages will arrive at the time the angels decide. In time to be useful to you.

Please come back regularly to see what the angels wish to share.

With loving blessings from Melody and the Angels.

Angels’ Lovelight #1

Angel’s Lovelight #2

Angels’ Lovelight #3

Angels’ Lovelight #4

Angels’Lovelight #5