Self-Care for Empaths During the Festive Period

Self-Care for Empaths During the Festive Period

Are you sensitive to the energy of others, places and events?

You might not be half as “anxious” as you think you are (or were told you are!) and could be a natural-born Empath.

Understanding the difference  between being a Highly Sensitive person and an Empath is life changing.

Learning how to work with your empathic gifts and function effectively is a process you can learn that hones your gifts and allows you joy when navigating appropriately.

And wouldn’t that be a great place to be?

Join Christoph Spiessens and me in this soul-soothing conversation, filled with tools for managing empathic social anxiety whilst still enjoying everything this magical season has to offer!

podcast for the holiday season!

Christoph Spiessens is a Spiritual Author and Coach who interviews leaders from the self-help, HR, coaching and mental well-being sectors about how they keep their own cup full. You can discover the heartfelt stories, challenges and success strategies from your peers in this no-holds-barred podcast.

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