Angel Lovelight #6


The Angels say… Choosing love is always your best choice.

When life gives you something you’re not sure of, choose the thing that seems more loving. For love is always the answer. Anything less than love will be less rewarding, less fulfilling, less happy.

Of course the underlying issue of this is:

  • who is receiving love?
  • Is there a conflict between giving love to yourself and another?
  • Are there competing priorities in the decision?

Only you are qualified to answer this situation.

Go within to the quiet where your heart dwells, ask the question and then whatever answer you receive is the right one. But… remember the answer does not have to be set in stone… you can change your mind in another time if you wish. Why?  You may have more information, you may see the situation differently or the person you’re giving love to, no longer has a right to your love, in which case you are choosing to love you, rather than the other.

Know all of your decisions are ok.

If you choose love, there’s less likelihood to be too far off track, and if in doubt love yourself until you’re sure of your answer!

© 2019 Melody R. Green – Angels’ Lovelight – All rights reserved

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