Day#25 – 21 Days NO Judgement Challenge

#22 21 day focus on judgment

Welcome to #day25 of the #21daysnojudgementchallenge

Congratulations on completing the challenge.

Thank you for tuning in for this free visualisation exercise. I have worked with the Angelic Realm for many years now, connecting others to the healing vibrations of the Angels and I am always amazed at how effective their energy is.


Firstly some housekeeping rules.

  • Allow yourself approximately 15-20 minutes to be undisturbed. Turn off all mobile phones and be in a place you can focus totally on this process.
  • You may sit upright in a chair or on the floor or lie on your back.
  • It is also an excellent process to be completed just before you sleep.

Let’s begin.

We always begin by asking the angels and your guides to make themselves present. To protect this space. To assist you to gain the most from this experience. To support your energy attunement and re-boot.

Here is the process the angels gave to me for you to release the judgements you’ve held onto.


Beloved Ones, 

We are so happy you said yes to this most important challenge at this time in humanity’s development to use your vernacular “You are rock stars!” (Much laughter from the Angels here)

Firstly we apologise for not being able to count! As we embark on Day #25 of this challenge. Melody of course wanted to change the name of the challenge to be more correct but we asked her not to. The reason for this is we wanted the healing work that we are to do today to work with the vibration of #22. This is a power number of manifesting and physical transformation and we see the need to empower your changes by aligning with this transforming power. As there is so much turbulent energy around the planet we felt it was necessary to add some days into the plan to support the changes you are making.

There are 2 parts to this transformation.

The 1st is a healing visualisation This is where we will work with your energetic bodies to cleanse and clear all the judgements you have brought to the surface and realign your energies to the alignment of love, self-acceptance and loving acceptance of all.


So let’s begin…

“I invoke the beings of light known as the Realm of Angelic beings to be present and protect the souls taking part in this healing and visualisation.

I ask that my specific guides be present to assist in the clearing, cleansing and energy re-balancing so that I can move forward with energy and grace.

The circle of protection is now in place and surrounds me…

As I listen to the sound of my voice I feel safe and calm…

All sounds outside of my voice will drift away from me as though they are a long, long, way away…

As I feel safe and protected in the light of the Angels and my guides and the sound of my voice…. I become aware of my breath…

(Take a deep breath in and out and focus your eyes on this script so you can connect to the process rather than be distracted by other sights.)

I Breathe in…. I Breathe out

I Breathe in…. I Breathe out

I Breathe in… I Breathe out.

(Become aware of your breath and allow this to be as deep as possible without being uncomfortable.)

As I breathe in and out I let all the tensions of my day go… I  r e l e a s e

(You’ll notice your breath is expanding and your lungs feel like they are your whole body and they are settled in your hips rather than your chest.)

I allow my breath to reach right down to the very cells of my body…  I feel my cells breathing life into me.

I Breathe in….

I Breathe out…. and let go.

I Breathe in…

I Breathe out… and let go.

With each breath in I am gently filling with the light of love….

I Breathe out and r e l e a s e

I Breathe in love

I Breathe out and r e l e a s e

I Breathe in love

I Breathe out and r e l e a s e

I Breathe in love

I Breathe out and r e l e a s e

As my cells continue this breathing for me I become aware of any tension or spots on my body that are holding the elements of judgement…

(judgement always contracts us… so these spots will feel tight and hard….)

As I breathe I see these spots soften…, relax…,  and fill with the transforming energy of light…

(The Angels will work on this now and you will feel their presence as warmth and softness. Your nerves may become electrified and pulse in different parts of your body as this happens… simply know this is the work being done and your body is re-balancing.)

All these places of my judgement that  have blocked the flow of love and life into your body, I now release.

I see now all the colours of the rainbow pulse my body as light aligns with my body’s rhythms and gently aligns me with my true self.

I come back to the awareness of my breath…. In and out.

I breathe in with love  and out as I r e l e a s e.

(You may even yawn as you release the old from your body, heart, mind and spirit.)

I am feeling calmer, more relaxed, more centred, more aligned with the truth of who I really am… love.

And now I become aware of the shifts in my body…,

I desire to move…. and I stretch gently and becoming conscious of this new me now present.

(Stretch your shoulders and breathe in and out.)

Place one of your hands on your heart and the other on the crown of your head and repeat the following words…

Ground…Align….Connect….Protect….Seal….Energise … balance.

Take another deep breath in and out … you can be here.

You may need to use this visualisation a few times until all of the energy is cleared from your system. Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition with this.


The 2nd is a ritual to release in the physical realms.

Here it is: Take the following actions…

  • Collect all of the pieces of writing you have kept about judgement.
  • Using a red pen or marker cross out every word you have written that is filled with judgements and negative emotions. You will have almost everything covered in red ink. Just in the way you received red marks from a teacher when you made a mistake you are now taking the same efforts to your judgements.
  • At the completion say aloud “I release all judgments that have hurt me or others.” And continue to say this as you tear the papers into shreds. Be very conscious and measured about these actions.
  • You now need to burn this paper. Please take care with this procedure. Light the papers and stay with them until there is only ash. Break down the ash until it is just powder.
  • Then take some outside to a garden, park or ocean and say this in your own words (or use these if you wish) Say aloud and at your own pace.

“I call in my angels and guides to protect and witness my ritual.” (This does not have to be a set lot of words… a simple and sincere request will bring us to you.)

“I ask you to witness my actions today to release judgements that I have held to me from the past so they may not instruct my future actions. I take this ash and send it to the 4 winds (take the ash and move in a circle through North, East, South and West. Coming back to centre and facing North)

“I am now free of all judgements and I trust and fully embrace a new way of reviewing myself, others and the world I live in. I do this in love, acceptance, peace and gratitude.

Thank you Angels and Guides for being present.”

Your ritual is complete and the angels and guides will take this as a sign to leave.

With our love and blessings dear ones… the Angels.

Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge.

May you be blessed and the blessing you are,  to the world.


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© 2019 Melody R. Green –#21DaysNoJudgementChallenge  – All rights reserved

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