Day#24 – 21 Days NO Judgement Challenge

#21 21 day focus on judgment

Welcome to Day#21 of the #21daysnojudgementchallenge

Congratulations this is your last day of intense self awareness.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the process.

  • So how do you feel about life?
  • What judgements have you made?
  • Do you think life is hard? A struggle?
  • Not meant to be easy?
  • Is life to be enjoyed? Treasured? Cared for?
  • Does everyone deserve a good life or only the few?
  • What judgements have you made that stops you flowing with the life you have?
  • What do you consider a “good life”?

Explore these questions and see where you end up.

It’s amazing the number of people I come across that have either accepted someone else’s view of life or never bothered to ask themselves the question. But it is crucial to your well-being and acceptance of your life as well as your ability to handle tough times and build resilience.

As always be gently probing and compassionate for your discoveries. Remember tomorrow is the day of releasing all the work you’ve been doing so you can be freer of judgement.

And there will be a lovely supportive tool linked to the post from the Angels.

Until then…sweet judgements dear ones!

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