The 21 Day “NO – Judgement” Challenge


The Angels Say… Judgement is the #1 cause of unhappiness for humans.

It begins with accepting the judgement of yourself as being unworthy or less than what you believe yourself to be. It begins early on in your childhood with the judgement you receive from those closest to you.

When you internalise the judgement of yourself, you then externalise judging others.

Humanity cannot move forward into peace and harmony without letting go of judgement.

So what’s the difference between discernment, judgement and prejudice?

Discerning is the positive expression of deciding in any given moment that you want one thing over another. A simple example is “I like peas but I don’t like carrots.” This choice is discerning according to your likes and dislikes.

I’d like to tell you a story about eating liver, bacon and onions. My Mother used to make this dish because as a child I was anaemic and the doctor suggested more foods with iron. Liver is considered to be high in iron. So my Mother was doing her best to help me. I hated liver. I’d pick out the bacon and onions and then, while my Mother wasn’t looking, feed the liver to our dog, who loved liver! I thought I would always hate liver until I reached my early 20’s and I discovered chicken liver pate and the Italian way of cooking liver. These were a revelation to me. I suddenly found that I loved liver. It wasn’t liver I hated before, it was the way it was cooked. I kept my mind open to trying liver in a different way and it proved to me it was worthy of my taste buds.

This is discernment. Making a choice and keeping your mind open to other options at another time.

Judgement then, is choosing and then closing your mind to any other option. You decide and it’s a finite decision. An example is: I hate pink and I’ll never wear it.

Prejudice is making a decision and then prejudging everything according to that decision.

An example is: “I worked with  a woman called Judith. Judith was horrible therefore all women called Judith must be horrible and I can’t be around Judith’s because they’re all horrible… and I don’t want you to be either. If you care for me you won’t be friends with anyone called Judith!”

When you look at this example you might consider my responses ridiculous, but change Judith for religion, gender, ethnicity, age or sexual persuasion and the whole situation is something quite different. It’s ugly and creates an “us vs them” mentality that is the root of all disharmony in the world.

You might not be able to do anything about fixing the world, but you can become more aware yourself and thereby change your thinking, expression and experience.

This is what the Angels would like you to consider when taking part in the 21 Day N0-Judgement Challenge.

Running from 01- 30 September 2019 this series of prompts will help you find where your blind spot in terms of judgement lies.

  • Where have you stepped beyond discernment into judgement or prejudice?
  • How can you release the judgement?
  • How can freeing yourself from the pain help you?
  • Can you accept yourself and others more lovingly?

Make the commitment and see just how much love you can allow into your life.

© 2019 Melody R. Green – “21 Days NO – Judgement Challenge” – All rights reserved

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