#21 Days NO Judgement Challenge – Health

for vibrant good health

Are you willing to have vibrant health?

Are you saying NO to judgement and YES to forgiveness and love?

Starting  on 1 September 2019 the  #21DaysNoJudgementChallenge begins.

Are you ready?

All you need is 15 minutes a day, some writing paper and a pen.


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How to take part in the 21 Days NO Judgement Challenge

Judge nothing

During the month of September the Angels have asked us to focus on the


I will be posting a new post each day on the blog.

Every day there will be a different part of your life to focus on and see what judgements are limiting your experience of living life joyfully.

All you need to do is: 

  • Take 15 minutes to journal your thoughts and feelings in response to each post.

On Day #22 we will take you through a healing process to release the judgements you’ve become aware of.

Why not make the commitment?


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The Angels Speak… about Discernment, Judgement and Prejudice


“Beloved ones, again we thank you for the opportunity to speak with you.

We are noticing an increase in judgement in all its forms within humanity at the present moment. Know that this is coming up for review so that you can make more refined choices around your awareness and judgements.

This is important because as the veils lift and all of life is open to you, in faster more immediate creations, you need to be more aware, clear and concise in your choices.
Another way of putting this is to say sloppy thinking results in chaotic creations! (lots of laughter here from the Angels)
One of the ways to improve your awareness around this is through clear and concise intention. All expressions of thoughts (and words) vibrate to different frequencies and as a result attract to them different responses. Melody advises us that a quick dictionary search for synonyms for the word judgement revealed 47 words. Each one of these has a different vibration from the other.
We would like to begin our discourse on this by saying that no word is right or wrong, just vibrating at different frequencies. Humans have chosen for millennia to focus on judging and pre-judging (prejudice) as a way to protect you from the fear you feel when you are in a state of change or when you are confronted with what you believe is different from you.

But clearly judgement as it is understood currently is not leading to harmony between you but great gulfs of pain and disorder. So we would like to suggest some alternatives.

Why do you need to judge? 
There is a necessity within the 3rd dimension for all humans to be able to discern between one choice and another so that you can experience your choices as you express yourself into the world.

Let’s imagine you are in a shoe store. All the shoes are the same design except for the colour. This simple choice of a pair of shoes is complicated by having to choose a colour.

Here are some options you might take to make that choice.
1) You may decide on a colour for lots of practical reasons like the colour of your current clothes, or if you already have the shoe in other colours. Choosing this way is a “head” decision, using the knowledge you have from the past to make a decision in the now for future use.
2) But let’s for a moment say you decided on your colour choice because of your feelings. You might say I love the colour red more than any other colour and I can only have red shoes. This is your “heart” or feelings making the decision for you.
3) Another way you might choose is to look at all the shoe colours and almost go to pick a taupe pair and then remember that the nasty girl at the office wears taupe and so you decide not to do so. This again is a “heart” choice but there is something more intense about this feeling state.
4) or you could make a more extreme choice by saying: Only women who are prostitutes wear white shoes so I would never choose white!Each one of these responses fit into a different vibration of judgement.

1) Discernment – You may decide on a colour for lots of practical reasons like the colour of your current clothes, or if you already have the shoe in other colours. Choosing this way is a “head” decision, using the knowledge you have from the past to make a decision in the now for future use. You will notice here that the emotions are not attached to this. You are assessing all practicalities and making a clear choice.

2) Judgement – You might say I love the colour red more than any other colour and I can only have red shoes.This statement has two vibrational feelings to it. The first is joy – I love the colour red more than any other colour.but the 2nd – I can only have red shoes – suggests a rigid choice which deadens the joy of the first part of the statement and shows an attachment to the outcome that won’t have as much clarity and will limit your experience of life. For how do you know what you will feel if you tried a green pair of shoes?

3) Prejudice – look at all the shoe colours and almost go to pick a taupe pair and then remember that the nasty girl at the office wears taupe and so you decide not to do so. This again is a “heart” choice but there is something more intense about this feeling state.  This version is a form of prejudice, in that you’ve associated taupe shoes with girls that are nasty whether its true to say or not.

Or – only women who are prostitutes wear white shoes so I would never choose white! This is definitely prejudice isn’t it?

Can you feel the energetic difference between these examples? 

When you are making a choice in your life we would like to see you choose from a place of feeling pleasure, joy or lightness (the first part of the judgement statement above) or from a place of detachment which is the discernment example. Better still apply both your fullest and happiest emotions in you intention and then let it go freely without attachment. That way your intentions will always bring you the best choices for you in the moment.

When judgements and prejudices are held on to and cemented into your mindset as facts, beliefs and vows you are on the path to retrenched actions, resentments and negative experiences that keep you stuck.
This is judgement bringing you the perfect example of your lower vibrational feelings. Remember the laws of the universe are laws. They are always in place and always working.


If you make a commitment to this challenge and stay until the end you will find you’ve recognised how much judgement you have in your life and released much of it so that acceptance and flow can enter your life more easily.

Judgement keeps you misaligned.
Judgement blocks you receiving your wonderful good.

So why not take up the challenge and see where that leads you?”









The 21 Day “NO – Judgement” Challenge


The Angels Say… Judgement is the #1 cause of unhappiness for humans.

It begins with accepting the judgement of yourself as being unworthy or less than what you believe yourself to be. It begins early on in your childhood with the judgement you receive from those closest to you.

When you internalise the judgement of yourself, you then externalise judging others.

Humanity cannot move forward into peace and harmony without letting go of judgement.

So what’s the difference between discernment, judgement and prejudice?

Discerning is the positive expression of deciding in any given moment that you want one thing over another. A simple example is “I like peas but I don’t like carrots.” This choice is discerning according to your likes and dislikes.

I’d like to tell you a story about eating liver, bacon and onions. My Mother used to make this dish because as a child I was anaemic and the doctor suggested more foods with iron. Liver is considered to be high in iron. So my Mother was doing her best to help me. I hated liver. I’d pick out the bacon and onions and then, while my Mother wasn’t looking, feed the liver to our dog, who loved liver! I thought I would always hate liver until I reached my early 20’s and I discovered chicken liver pate and the Italian way of cooking liver. These were a revelation to me. I suddenly found that I loved liver. It wasn’t liver I hated before, it was the way it was cooked. I kept my mind open to trying liver in a different way and it proved to me it was worthy of my taste buds.

This is discernment. Making a choice and keeping your mind open to other options at another time.

Judgement then, is choosing and then closing your mind to any other option. You decide and it’s a finite decision. An example is: I hate pink and I’ll never wear it.

Prejudice is making a decision and then prejudging everything according to that decision.

An example is: “I worked with  a woman called Judith. Judith was horrible therefore all women called Judith must be horrible and I can’t be around Judith’s because they’re all horrible… and I don’t want you to be either. If you care for me you won’t be friends with anyone called Judith!”

When you look at this example you might consider my responses ridiculous, but change Judith for religion, gender, ethnicity, age or sexual persuasion and the whole situation is something quite different. It’s ugly and creates an “us vs them” mentality that is the root of all disharmony in the world.

You might not be able to do anything about fixing the world, but you can become more aware yourself and thereby change your thinking, expression and experience.

This is what the Angels would like you to consider when taking part in the 21 Day N0-Judgement Challenge.

Running from 01- 30 September 2019 this series of prompts will help you find where your blind spot in terms of judgement lies.

  • Where have you stepped beyond discernment into judgement or prejudice?
  • How can you release the judgement?
  • How can freeing yourself from the pain help you?
  • Can you accept yourself and others more lovingly?

Make the commitment and see just how much love you can allow into your life.

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Angels’ Lovelight # 5



The Angels say… Celebrate you – and all your life holds.

When you celebrate all of you, your successes, your sweet moments, your joys, despairs and failures you are opening the door to receiving more from the universe.

I can hear you ask – “How and why  do I need to celebrate my despairs, my sorrows and failures though? Surely I need to push them away, forget them or bury them?”

And the Angels say… Embrace it all because all of your life is an experience and opportunity for learning. Being grateful for and celebrating your failure allows you to start thinking about

  • what you learned from these experiences,
  • what you can change to make it better,
  • how you can move forward.

If you reject, hide or are ashamed of those moments you are literally holding them in place so they can come back again and consolidate your misunderstanding, bringing you more pain, shame and negative feelings.

And we know you don’t want that, right?

So celebrate it all! 

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Session # 3 – Release Loneliness – World Attunement Day

Release Loneliness - Session #3

Welcome fellow Empaths and HSP’s, 

This post is just a reminder to let you know Session # 3 of the Release Loneliness World Attunement Days Program is due on:

Thursday 15 August 2019 at 7:00 p.m. – your time.

These session notes are from the Angelic Realm, who actively offer this information to humanity at this time.

Session # 3 deals with the loneliness locked into the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine chakras which sit between the root chakra, the sacral chakra and, the heart and throat chakras. They are part of the 5th dimensional higher-being chakras we are adopting as we become more in alignment with the new earth.

Both these chakras have their energy point on the spine and it will be opposite depending on what sex you have chosen to be this time. If you are expressing as a woman you will have the Divine Feminine (pink) on the Lumbar 4 and the Divine Masculine (coral) on the Thoracic 3. If you are expressing as a man they will be reversed, i.e. the Divine Masculine (coral) will be the Lumbar 4 and the Divine Feminine (pink) with be Thoracic 3. The reason for this is the 5th dimensional chakras spiral the body rather than sit in a direct line from the crown to the root chakra as in the 3rd dimensional chakras.

The Thoracic 3 represents your wisdom, inner guidance, intuition, trusting yourself rather than others and expressing who you truly are.

The Lumbar 4 represents your empowerment on all levels. It covers your clarity in the physical form, knowing your purpose and acting from the soul perspective rather than the ego. It’s about valuing yourself and feeling worthy. Much of the world disturbance you can see is a reflection of this lack of worth and trust in yourselves and your unwillingness to accept full responsibility for your responses and the consequences of your actions. You have been led to believe that others have the power not yourselves; but for the divinity of your true souls to shine through, you need to understand you are the power.

You are co-creators of your world and you can and must make the changes to re-balance yourselves. When you do this the earth will re-balance naturally. You do this by living from a loving heart.

The loneliness you feel at this level is the sense of disconnection from your higher being (or soul) and the love of Spirit and the earth you live on. It results in addictive behaviours, lack of joy or enthusiasm, apathy and depression.

Full session notes will be available from Thursday 15 August 2019 @10:00 am (AEST)

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Melody R. Green is an angel communicator, soul coach and award-winning author, living in Newcastle, NSW, Australia – who with the help of the Angels frequently advises her clients about how to navigate the twists and turns of the human road we call love. This is her first work of fiction.

Angels’ Lovelight #4


The Angels Say… Being is a tool of love.

Love is in everything and of everything. Therefore by “being” you are allowing love to permeate your being. To regenerate yourself with the fuel of love. To be your true self which is love.

Being is like getting an instant tank “fill-up” of energy for you to access.

If you realised the importance of being and re-fuelling yourself with love you’d need to:

  • manipulate people less
  • argue and fight with others less
  • not take energy sneakily from others
  • feel depleted, drained and anxious


Now isn’t being worth cultivating?

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