Angels’ Lovelight # 2

pomegranateToday the Angels Say… Be grateful for who you truly are.

You are perfect exactly as you chose to be. Let that you shine out in the world.

Don’t second guess yourself or your journey. Everything you receive is perfect for you to grow and shine, most especially when you don’t think it is!

That’s the true magic of you.


© 2019 Melody R. Green – Angels’ Lovelight – All rights reserved

Angels’ Lovelight #1


Today the Angels say… Be gentle with yourself and others.

You are a precious soul filled with love. Your soul doesn’t like cruelty expressed to any living thing. Treat yourself and others with gentleness and you will blossom brightly in the world.

© 2019 Melody R. Green – Angels’ Lovelight – All rights reserved

Session # 2 – Release Loneliness – World Attunement Day

Release Loneliness (2)

Welcome fellow Empaths and HSP’s

This post is just a reminder to let you know Session # 2 of the Release Loneliness World Attunement Days Program is due on:

Monday 15 July 2019 at 7:00 p.m. – your time.

Session # 2 deals with the loneliness locked into the Throat chakra and the 3rd Eye chakra.

The Throat Chakra’s energy point is the throat and neck and it is represented by the colour blue. It covers all meridians of communication plus the organs of the throat, mouth and neck. These points store grief and love that you have not expressed for yourself or others. It stores anger and pain when others have treated you badly and you have not expressed your anger response back to them i.e. when you haven’t stood up for yourself. If you have been in relationships where you have been “gagged” or been unable to speak your truth then these chakras will hold the energies of isolation, being ridiculed, demeaned, belittled or bullied and the pain associated with these energies. If you have had a series of relationships that have treated you in this manner you will have closed the throat down and swallow your feelings to maintain peace and safety. This brings its own feelings of isolation and loneliness, of feeling disconnected.

The 3rd Eye chakra is the centre of intuition and your ability to pick up when you are in danger or need to take action that may be inspired to help you with your Soul’s mission. Generally speaking, you nor your family know exactly what your Soul mission is and often you need to step outside of the family beliefs in order to fulfil it. This can cause friction between you and family members, giving you a sense of not belonging, being different or isolated. As a result, you may decide not to trust your intuition and this disconnects you from your Soul’s mission and Source. There are pandemic signs of this in our world when you look at the number of people dealing with mental disorders and depression. When a soul cannot express itself or connect to the greater Source to find out what it needs to do, then the soul will feel lost, disconnected, lonely and depressed. Clearing out old beliefs, thoughts and emotions in these two chakras enable the soul to find clearer ways to connect with Source, find answers and express the truth according to the individual soul.

Full session notes will be available from Monday 15 July @10:00 am (AEST)



The Read, Cook, Snap Challenge for Australian Trainee Chefs

The Read Cook Snap Challenge Fb1


Many years ago I worked with apprentice chefs who trained in some of the best restaurants in Sydney. It was a wonderful experience to support and nurture talents that are now cooking professionally around the world. Like most professions chefs come in all shapes, sizes and skill sets. Learning to be a professional in any career is much more than learning the recipes, knife and cooking skills. how to cope with long hours, extremely hot kitchens, frenetic service times, complaining guests and highly temperamental head chefs with exacting standards and unreasonable egos!

It’s also about unleashing your own creativity, having great work ethic, good self care skills and excellent mind set.

So I am delighted to offer this competition opportunity to trainee chefs around Australia.

In my latest book A Tipsy Man Goes Naked – Love Tales and Recipes there are 26 lovely recipes I’ve made myself and I share with readers.While most of my friends would say I was a good cook, I am truly and absolutely very much an amateur in both cooking skills and presentation. But I did wonder what my recipes would look like if they were attempted by professional trainees and this competition gives me a chance to see exactly that.

The Read, Cook, Snap Challenge opens on 01 August 2019 and closes 30 August 2019.

Rules, regulations, entry form and prizes are found here.

And a note to trainees:

Future employers are looking for the following attributes in their staff…

i) ability to follow instructions

ii) creativity

iii) willingness to take calculated risks

iv) pride in your work

v) ability to work to deadlines

vi) organisational skills

vii) presentation skills

This competition will give you some of these skills.

Good Lick!

Melody R. Green is an angel communicator, soul coach and award-winning author, living in Newcastle, NSW, Australia – who with the help of the Angels frequently advises her clients about how to navigate the twists and turns of the human road we call love. This is her first work of fiction.