A Tipsy Man Goes Naked – Love Tales and Recipes


TIPSY MAN - Final Cover

This is the title of my latest book, and possibly the cover…

This book has had a very long gestation period, like twenty years!

I had the idea for the book in 2009 but it took time to assemble the characters and recipes.

I presented it to a publisher who told me to forget the idea altogether as there as no market for short stories and recipes  but I knew there was and I refused to give up, even if I had to park the project for a few years until the world had caught up with my concept.

In the interim I worked on other books, equally as important but maybe not as much fun as this one.

It’s like the icing on the cake to get the chance to write what you really want, playfully and with child-like imagination, rather than something that is fitting into non-fiction parameters. This is the beauty of writing fiction, it allows the author so much more space to roam in the fertile plains of the imagination.

Of course it’s not all fun. There is slog and a need for the  nose to be at the grindstone, especially in terms of the editing and marketing of any book, but this book still weighs in with more pleasure than pain, and maybe that’s because I’ve matured as a writer. I’ve learned the business end of it, not completely of course, there is always more to learn. But I’m not the greenhorn I was.

I’m grateful for my learning and the opportunity to present this book to the world. It should hit the online bookstores in about 4 weeks.

And if you’re interested keep watch on Instagram or Facebook for updates.Book Titles

A Tipsy Man Goes Naked  – Love Tales and Recipes.

The Muse of Aroma and Taste offers the reader a collection of short stories, recipes, and anecdotes that explore food, love, and the senses in a single day.

Recipes and stories from across the world and the centuries are combined; some are simple fairy tales and others heartfelt explorations of love.

​The Muse asks the reader to question their understanding of love…
What is love?
Can it last over time?
Is love of a career as memorable as a lover?
How do you mend a heart that has lost love?
Where are you tuned into love?
What time of the day are you most open to love?

Throughout the book, the Muse of Aroma and Taste weaves all the emotions, flavours, and textures of love, thereby conjuring up a veritable feast of culinary delights.


©2019 Melody R. Green | All rights reserved.

The Author’s Journey


BILYS FB promo

This week my book Beloved I Love You So... has been entered into the Readers Favourite International Book Awards. the judging will take place over the next few months and I will know how it goes by September.

It feels a bit like when my son went to university and I wondered how the whole higher education thing would go. Would my son be successful? Would it be a good experience for him and me? What would happen as a result?

And to some degree any creative project is a bit like a child. You invest such a lot of time, effort, blood , sweat and tears into the process. First the writing process, then the editing process and finally the marketing process. Like many writers I find the marketing process particularly challenging, followed by the editing process and then the writing process.

Beloved I Love You So… took quite a few months to write and in the beginning I was reluctant to even think of it as a book at all. It was simply therapy! But me and my big mouth meant I mentioned it to my editor and she said, “Send it to me!” and I did.

She came back in her usual direct manner and said “You have to publish this, is it a really good book about love.” It took some convincing, but finally I said yes.

Why did I need convincing?

Mainly because it feels such a personal book. It is after all a memoir. It is real to me. It involves really deep, sometimes difficult emotions and it covers a period of my life and a love that lasted for forty years. That’s a period of time longer than many marriages, certainly longer than mine – and covers more than half my life.

When love first arrives in our lives we have no idea where the journey will take us, and this is true for writing too.

We write the book, publish it and then let it fly out into the world. This week after three years, the book has come back with it’s next step on the journey, and like any mother I am anxious for what happens next.

Keeping fingers (and toes) crossed for a successful outcome.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Beloved I Love You So… 

One woman’s great love story told in the letters she wrote Beloved, I Love You So is more than a memoir about love. It’s a profound exploration of what it is to love in all its many nuances, depths, forms, symbols, and senses. This is a book that takes you on a very personal and multi-faceted voyage into that most human and, at the same time, most divine of emotions. When you have read the last letter, turned the last page of the book, and arrived at the end of your journey, you will discover your understanding of love has been immeasurably expanded and enriched. You will never experience love quite the same way again. You will be forever changed. A lyrical lesson in how to love and be loved.


This touching story told in love letters takes you on a journey of love and longing and lingers with you after reading it. A heartfelt exploration of love and yearning.
I read this incredibly moving book on a long haul night flight. It made me reflect on my own love life and also the dynamics of love in our lives in general. I would highly recommend this book.
Carlie rated it 5 stars
What a gorgeous collection of love letters. I started reading this as I was going through a bit of a heartbreak of my own, and so started connecting with the love for and yearning of another person – but as my understanding around my own situation evolved, so did reading Melody’s letters. I loved that the story that ultimately unfolded was the truly expansive nature of love, in all its forms. The love for one itself first, in order to truly love others. The beauty of discovering yourself through loving another. The honest love, that doesn’t want anything in return. Melody writes beautifully; her words made me warm and hum inside. Melody writes about love in a way that will speak to your soul, it certainly did mine. Thank you Melody.

©2019 Melody R. Green | All rights reserved.