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I have wanted to create a journal with Angel Affirmations for such a long time.

Finally it’s arrived!

This lined journal has affirmations from the Angels to help focus your thoughts and feelings as you write in your journal.

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Melody and the Angels Newsletter – March 2019



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01 MARCH 2019


Dear Earth Angels

Where are we now?

How have you been coping with all the strong energy beginning this year? The last eclipse in Leo/Aquarius  is the last until July, the super moons of January and February (with another due in March) and the strong energetic coding waves that came in with the New Year?
It’s been intense, hasn’t it?

You may be like some of my clients who have had wonderful openings to new parts of their lives, unexpected and joyous OR you may have seemed to miss that bit and gone into the slog of hard work or keeping on track OR you may have found yourself in the doldrums of “blah” feelings.

If you have found this to be a period of the “blah’s” try not to lose hope. It is easy to go there when you are in a space of working towards faith and trust and nothing is happening… you are still in the space before the creation of what you want happens. I call this the “dark night of your creation” – that time before dawn when it’s the darkest and coldest (although in Australia some coldness would be greatly appreciated, I can tell you!)

There has certainly been a lot of grief around in the period from Xmas to mid-January as many souls decided to depart this world for their next adventure. I found myself spending a lot of time with people who were going through letting go of others –  grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, friends, children and animal companions … all heartbreak and opportunities for a conversation about spirit, soul and our journey on earth.  I have had many of these conversations over the years and it has always been a privilege to be trusted by those going through this transition to bear witness to their emotions and those of their close family and friends.

This year amidst the whirl of outer connections that a #3 year brings, we will be growing our inner connection. This is the connection between our higher intelligence (intuition) our hearts and our bodies. This connecting needs new connective tissue, muscle growth, energetic synapses etc and it can take time and effort to build it, in the same way it goes to building any muscle. It can also hurt sometimes as well. So be gentle with yourself. You’re growing, transforming and changing completely your operating system and the change you are making has been held for many millennia – it takes time, don’t be impatient with yourself. So what can we expect in the moon -ths ahead (yes a definite typo there from the angels!)


Planetary Movements in the next 3 months

Mar 5 – Mercury Retrograde – a chance to review changes and also communication breakdowns
Mar 6 – New moon in Pisces &
Uranus transits into Taurus (until July 2026)  For information on this transit check out this post:
Mar 20 – Super Full Moon in Libra and Spring/Autumn Equinox
Mar 26 – Mercury Direct – new understanding as you move forward
Node activity 
Mar 22 – Mars shines on North Node – Cancer bringing heat into North node issues
Mar 27 – Pluto angles hard with South Node – Capricorn pushing for transformation of work, career and responsibility.

Node activity
Apr 4 – Pluto angles hard with North Node – Cancer pushing for transformation in family and mother issues
Other transits and retrogrades
Apr 5 – New Moon in Aries
Apr 10 – Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius until 11 Aug 2019 – too much expansion can be too much of a good thing. In this retrograde period you have a chance to review where you’ve expanded over the last few months and see if this is right for you. Review, step back and re-assess.
Apr 19 – Full Moon
Apr 24 – Pluto retrograde in Capricorn – until October 3rd 2019 – accepting change is vital for your professional success. A deep inner transformation is necessary, to find your place in society.
Apr 30 – Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn until September 18th 2019 – you need to be more organized and disciplined, especially at work.
– Saturn angles hard with South Node – Capricorn checking we’re on the right path, bringing   restrictions if necessary

May 4 – New Moon in Taurus
May 18 – Full Moon in Scorpio

A quiet month but remember that Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are still in retrograde!


The coming year 2019/12/3  – in case you didn’t get to read this the first time or you need a reminder now we’re into the next quarter…

This 3  year vibration is a lot simpler than the murky depths we have traversed with the 11/2 vibration of 2018 and you’re going to feel that lightness and optimism early on.
Start thinking about “What do you want?” What do you want to create?” “What would make you happy?”
But remember NOT in the way of the past, rather in the way of the future… as in how can your happiness needs be met AND also others. The trick to finding the best options this year is to remember if you want what you want to the detriment of others it’s not going to work. But if you want what you want to make you happy so you can serve others better… well that will be supported.
So what would make you happy? What does being happy mean to you? Are you clear on these questions yet?
What’s making you unhappy? (a little pointer here… it’s rarely the other person or something outside of you…. rather it is your attitude to the other person or something outside of you. There is a lot of mental energy in this 3 vibration… as in your mindset is crucial for finding your happiness quotient. 2018 looked at how you relate to everything including your own heart and in 2019 we start to look at how our thinking and beliefs impact on our happiness. This is necessary because we are moving into connecting heart with intuition and creative thought and both need to be as clear and free as possible for the thought creation to come into being through the energy of the heart.

HAPPINESS is a momentary feeling and JOY is the deeper feeling state. When you can create what you want in your world from the joy state, happiness becomes your success indicator. A 3 year gives you the first sign in a 9 year cycle that this is possible.
Because of this high octane Happiness/Joy factor you will deal with your ‘mental fears’ around success and failure. You may find you need to alter your mindset to allow the new creation into being.You may need to take a few “leaps in the dark.”

In addition to courage, the 3 year  represents lightness, happiness, innocence, peace, truth, friendship, creativity, communication, youth, beauty, optimism, laughter, and love. Of course, everything has its opposite extreme, and the 3 energy is no exception.This cycle of ‘light’ certainly has its dark side which can include depression, sorrow, guilt, gossip, oppression, destruction, lies, enemies, ugliness, pessimism, cynicism, coldness, rejection, scandal, and even cruelty.

If you experience any of these things, try to understand that they have their purpose too. These adverse elements often enter our lives in the 3 Year to show us just how easily we equate happiness with superficial and shallow things. This year’s experiences will bring you into deeper waters – and the potential for deeper and more meaningful forms of happiness.

The 3 Year emphasizes independence within loving relationships. This is not a contradiction, but an opportunity to love deeply without constantly worrying about what others think. The more you approve of yourself and do what you want to do, the more others will accept you as you are because they will be witnessing the astonishing beauty that comes with authentic confidence. When this inner beauty is expressed outwardly, it is so hard to resist. 3 is the energy of attraction and charisma.
If you are someone that requires approval from others this maybe the year you finally say no more – I decide to approve of myself.

Also be aware of being the “3rd wheel” in relationships. some people will choose an affair over going deeper with their primary partner because a new love interest is exciting but doesn’t require as much work as going deeper into a primary relationship.

Friendships and connections bloom in this year… so if you’ve wanted to increase your friends group this is the time to do it. Make sure they are around some passion or activity you are committed to and the friendships can last well moving forward and won’t turn out to be empty or superficial friendships.

This year, you are likely to become aware of how you have outgrown certain friendships and associations, and this may come as a shock to you but the 3 energy is about growth and expansion.Maintain your precious individuality. You have many good qualities which need to be expanded. If you discover a talent you didn’t know you had, pursue this new interest passionately. Focus on self-improvement, at all levels. Be prepared to make some drastic changes. Focus. If your attention becomes too scattered, you will have all the opportunities that the 3 Year offers, but your mind will be too muddled to utilize them effectively.

Some other aspects of # 3 are:

3 is the number of

  • communication and expression, and you will find that spoken or written words, images, sound, humour, and unusual ideas, all play pivotal roles in your life now. It is essential that you take your ideas seriously and are able to take a concept beyond the “idea stage” and actually create it in the material world. It is so important that you check the facts for yourself. It is often in the 3 Year that we discover how easily we succumb to hearsay, the loudest voice, or the voice of ‘authority’. The truth is likely to be buried beneath layers of deception or misconception, so try to keep an open mind.
  • optimism which, if correctly understood, is an important tool for clarifying and attaining your goals. You attract to you what you expect, whether you do so consciously or subconsciously. The purpose of optimism is not to deceive us into denying our problems, but to show us that greater possibilities do exist. Optimism is wanting to make the best of whatever your circumstances happen to be. Ideas, plans, or projects you started two years ago are now likely to show signs of movement and progress. This will increase your optimism considerably and provide a new basis for action.

For 2019 aim high and give your very best!


The Coral Ray

One of the most important energy shifts this year is the arrival of the Coral Ray – interestingly Pantone have announced it is the colour for the year… I wonder who intuitively decided on that with help from the Angels, huh?

Why is this ray so important? 
It is the colour of the Divine Masculine and we desperately need this energy to come in to compliment and support the embodiment of the Divine Feminine that is here to stay. This ray will open the hearts of men in particular but also women’s compassion and healing of themselves, their role on the planet and the role of both sexes as co-creators and guardians of the Earth. Over the next 2 years this coral ray will be coming to us to help bring in this Divine Masculine energy.

Issues that will come forward for healing are:

  • Anywhere unrequited love may sit… this includes the self and others and loss of love in any form.
  • This is time for men to heal their wounds.
  • To reintegrate the parts of themselves they have denied, particularly their softer emotions and younger, more compassionate selves. – in this case the unrequited love is felt by aspects of the self from the self.
  • To bring forth the unconscious and subconscious inner realms, their shadows.
  • To allow themselves to feel as well as act.
  • To bring forth memories of abuse for healing.
  • To allow vulnerability, openness, emotional expression, good fortune in the home and close relationships.
  • To heal shocks related to feeling unloved, isolated, not good enough.
  • To reignite a true sense of collaboration and community based on individual expression but for the greater good.
  • It is about accessing the higher realms of mind and intuition but based in the emotions rather than only the mind.
  • It is a chance for women to work with their inner male energy that is so important in creating the right external romantic partner.
  • It will bring forth issues of aloneness, loneliness and separation which are possibly the most chronic mental health issues of the world today.
  • It is the colour of applied wisdom, creative expression, and re-connection to the intuition and psychic nature of us all.

It is an evolutionary time for humanity and I for one am happy it’s coming.

The Angels Speak…

Beloved Ones,
The swirling sea of change that is a #3 year means that it is sometimes difficult to ground into your centre and simply BE. To help Melody we have asked her to align with the moon cycles rather than the Gregorian calendar as this helps centre you and feel connected to the earth which is driven by Divine Love vs the world which is often drive by fear and greed. In order for you to make the most of these energies you need to be centred in calm stillness as you learn to move in and out of the swirling energies around you. This is a bit like trying to jump into a skipping rope that is already moving. In fact if you use that analogy it will stop you being tripped up by the energies around you and help you gain balance as you move in the energy field of the skipping rope you’ve joined for what ever reason you need to do so.
At one time self care in human terms was considered to be washing and caring for your physical body. Then as you grew in understanding you were made aware of the need to keep you mindset clear and to free your emotions.

Now you are being asked to keep your spiritual body clear and grounded as well.

This is because the veils between all dimensions are thinning. You can literally move between dimensions, expressions of you in other planes both on earth and in other galaxies at will. In this state it is easier to lose your bearings, not know what is true for you and what is best for you in this dimension. It is like having all the fragments of dreams available to you consciously, at any given moment. Grounding and centring yourself will allow you to be present to this lifetime and the choices needed for here on Earth.
The reason for this sensitivity to your whole being is to
1) increase your understanding of your wholeness and the inter-connectedness of your whole being
2) allow you access to information that can assist you to live a fuller, more joyous life here on earth
3) allow for learning to assist your other aspects of being.
4) to enable you to understand every other soul is a whole being and part of the one universe. This will make judging others negatively harder to do… and as we know less judgement means more acceptance and more willingness to harmonise.

Remember the whole universe is connected and energy moves in all

directions not only one way.

Effective grounding when the vibrations across all dimensions are open is absolutely necessary morning, evening and at any time you feel the push or pull of other dimensions or other entities, including family members.

Many years ago we taught Melody a simple trick to maintain her balance in choppy emotional frequencies: We have presented this to you before but a reminder is always helpful don’t you think?

It is a sequence of words that once the body knows them can be effective in re-balancing quickly and painlessly. For the first few times be very conscious about their use.
1) Place one hand on your heart and the other on your crown and say aloud:

Ground – Align  – Connect –  Protect – Seal – Energise – Balance.
2) Then as you practice this move to saying the words silently in your head. Eventually you will only need to say the first word in your head for your body to know what to do.

and finally it seems we cannot say this enough … so here we are… we’d like you to hear this please….

You will always have enough time to complete your Soul’s mission.
You are always on your Soul’s Purpose.
You do not have to do more than be here and be open to loving yourself and others and be inspired by your passions.
You have nothing to prove and everything to live for!
You are unique.
You were not designed to be set against each other in comparison and found wanting.
Full stop. Period. 20,000 trombones playing Hallelujah!
We love you and wish you to receive abundant blessings from us and our thanks to Melody to get this message to you…

The Angels

Until next time…
May lots of love and deliciousness come your way.


autumn 2
Due to the popularity of the Release Grief World Attunement Days.
The Angels have advised these World Attunement Days will continue throughout 2019.
The next attunement series is a PEACE Meditation for 13 days in April.

If you wish to know more before that date please email me.
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