POSITIVE LEARNING – A World Attunement Day

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ATTUNEMENT DETAILS: Positive Learning – Introduction

Positive Learning Session 1


I’ve taught toddlers, children, young adults and adults all my life. I’ve taught English language skills to non-English speakers, drama and performance skills, career transition and interview performance skills and spiritual development. I’ve taught formally in a classroom and education system and informally as mentor and workshop facilitator and I’ve learned a lot about how we learn and how we feel when we learn new things… and it’s always perplexed me.

Even someone like myself who loves learning as much as teaching has had issues with learning new things. There is anticipation, excitement and underneath that fear of failure and anxiety. I’ve learned to push through these feelings but the problem with having negative responses to learning is that it blocks our learning abilities and in particular positive emotional responses to learning..

I’ve met many clients who have been immobilised with fear at learning, refusing to allow themselves a new position suited to their talents because the fear of becoming certified has stopped them progressing in their career.

When my clients have ventured into their learning issues it is always rooted in one of four responses learned around 4 years of age that is then consolidated over the coming years into negative beliefs about their ability to learn.

These are:

1) Fear of learning – often passed on by a parent’s experience.

2) Pain – the bad experience of learning results in emotional, mental (and in some cases physical pain – I see this in adults who were punished physically because of their test results etc)

3) Comparison – the whole concept of testing and comparing one student against another denies the child the natural right to believe it has come here on earth to express its core gifts. Comparison shuts down collaboration and damages the child’s natural desire to contribute and give freely of their talents.

4) Shame of failure – if this happens too often the child refuses to learn, has a fear of learning, develops low self esteem that can filter into all parts of their life and seeks only to find safety.

All of these responses keep us stuck, unable or unwilling to engage in learning and life.

If a child naturally learns through play, laughter, joy and love how is it
helping us as adults to learn through fear, pain, comparison and failure?Melody R Green

I took this question to my angelic guides for an answer and they replied:

“It isn’t! It’s detrimental to humanity’s existence on many levels. You are starting to fear your creation of artificial intelligence because you fear they will overcome your highly-prized skills of data memory and creating solutions from what you’ve known in the past.

But this is erroneous thinking, if you create from the past you will create a future based on it. This denies and limits the creative capacity of thought.

All of your recognised geniuses have begun with articulating a problem and then allowing their minds the freedom to be inspired by everything around them to shape a theory and then used the knowledge they have to prove its veracity.

At a more elementary level the people you consider geniuses in their field have become so because their true talents have had the space to shine. They have worked hard but they’ve maintained their childlike laughter, glee, joy, playfulness and love to focus their attention on their talent and it has blossomed in multiple directions bringing benefit to the whole of humanity.

You consider this genius as unique, special, almost a freak of nature if you will, but this is possible for all human beings, even those you consider to have a disability still come with unique gifts to share into the world, but your view of society and education has limited that potential.

Over the next decades the education system must be overhauled and in particular your way of categorising humans must cease or you will literally educate yourself out of existence.

For those of you thinking “what’s how you feel about learning got to do with life?” we say this:


Because your life is about constant learning moment to moment.

Most people would not agree with this statement but this is because you’ve created a life reality that limits how you see learning and tends to put formal learning on a pedestal. Mostly your learning is through living life and your formal learning confirms what you already know! The truly dynamic learning space is in life.

You are designed as a biofeedback system therefore if you do not have the tools to experience the new information that is swirling around in your energy field (because you’re emotionally stuck in fear, pain, comparison or failure) you will die before your time, before you’ve delivered your unique contribution to the world and before you’ve been a benefit to society.

But imagine for a moment what you could achieve if you stayed in the vortex of childlike laughter, glee, joy, playfulness and love?

How open would your life be? How much more alive would you feel? How much more energy would you have? How many more options would you find to a problem that’s perplexing you?

The answer is… limitless!

This is the place for creativity and intuition to thrive and what is needed as humanity grows into the next level of humans “being”.


This World Attunement Day offer for Positive Learning is the collaboration we (Melody and the Angels) have put together to release all the negative emotions around learning.

It is given with our love.

The Angels and Melody.

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