What do I do and how did I get here?



Like so many of us, I didn’t trust my intuition working in my life as I was meant to, either. I had to learn. From early on though I felt and heard messages for others.

And others always gravitated to me when their hearts were heavy with troubles and I seemed to have the right words and energy for them to make them feel better.

Sometimes this was very draining and it was many decades later that I realised I’d been absorbing many emotional states that weren’t my own because I was an empath and highly sensitive person. 

It was the birth of my son that brought my intuitive skills to the fore and I finally started the work I  was meant to do as an intuitive empath, working to heal and re-connect others to their soul’s path. At this time I learned about my connection to the Angels and my role as conduit for their messages to the earth angels (you).


Since then the Angels have been my constant companions and have given me the current  Soul Attunements process to share with my clients across the world. 

My psychic skills are highly tuned and specialised to work with healing attunements and strategic coaching rather than psychic readings. 

When I work with a client I am like a central information receiving station. The information comes in from all dimensions of Spirit, your guides, angels, devic helpers, all aspects of you… past, future and multi-dimensional,  as well as you that’s present now.

If I slowed this process down, it would be like giving an early computer a mathematical problem that would take weeks of 24/7 work to solve, and yet, its essence can be reached within moments of working with you.

We are all capable of this kind of connection if we keep our synapses as clear as possible, practice our skill sets and trust in the process and ourselves.


My mission is to reconnect you to your own intuitive, psychic Soul self so you can develop your hidden potential and find more joy and fulfilment in your life.

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The Face of Judgement


She sat on this huge dais even though she was only one. It looked like the ones you see in a courtroom, only hers was many hundreds of feet above me. Her scales of justice sat below her. the light shone bright above her head.

At the level where I stood sat the judicial clerks who noted all judgements and decrees. They looked worn out, overworked and shadows compared to the light and might of Judgement.

She peered down at me imperiously…

“What do you want?” she asked haughtily “Plead your case.”

“I have come to ask you what you would like, my Ladyship?”

She looked aghast… “What I want?”

“Yes, what do you need and want so you can take a rest from judging and having to always consider the laws we’ve set up between us? Those tomes to your right, are I assume the Law Books of the Land of Melody, is this correct?”

“Yes.” she eyed them balefully. “They are the bane of my life. Every single thought you have, every action you take and every emotion you feel has to be weighed and measured against the law books and judged accordingly. It is never-ending and happens each time you come to earth.”

“And so you perform this duty every time?”


“You must be exhausted!”

“Indeed I am but it’s important work and needs to be done.”

“What would happen if the Law Books were revised and simplified?”

“Oh! That would be a miraculous thing, ” exclaimed the Face of Judgement, “But highly unlikely and probably impossible!”

“Who would need to tell you that the Laws have been updated and simplified or that indeed your job has been made redundant and you can retire peacefully, knowing you’ve done your very best?”

The Face of Judgement began to quiver and shimmer, her stern countenance softening with the thought of retirement. “I could retire?” she whispered hopefully.

“Yes!’I said.

“It would need to go to the Law Council for ratification but it’s impossible to get a meeting with them, I’ve tried many times and always, I’ve been denied.”

I passed the envelope to the court clerk who raced to pass it to the Face of Judgement.

She read it and standing said “We are summoned.”

And in the blink of an eye the Judgement  Chamber was replaced by a room filled with coloured, comfy chairs around a central coffee table. Near the window a couple of people were reading papers. As I looked around the Face of Judgement stood beside me. Amazingly, she was barely 2ft tall and slightly grey in colour. Her booming authoritative voice had become a whisper.

As soon as we were noticed , we were drawn into the chairs at the coffee table. One of the beings spoke.

“You wish to update your law books we believe?”

“Yes, M’lord” the Face of Judgement said, bowing low.

“We are glad to hear this. It is time for you to be free of  judgement. “he said, smiling at me. “And it is well past your retirement age Judgement. Where will you retire to?”

“I’d love to catch up on my reading and improve me golf swing. So may i retire to the golf resort M’lord? ”

“Of course. We’ll arrange for that immediately. It is time for you to say goodbye to the Face of Judgement, Melody.”

“Thanks you Judgement for all you have done and taught me. I wish you a happy retirement.” And with that the Face of Judgement disappeared into think air.

“Melody we are going to simplify your law books back to what you said so many lifetimes before. Here is your law-book. M’lord passed me a crystal tablet of rainbow quartz. On it was written…

“Love is the only law. Everything comes from this.”

“We ask you to act in love and you will need no other laws to ensure you are safe, well and in harmony with your world. Thank you” said M’lord.

He walked away and as he did the scene dissolved and I was left with the crystal tablet.

As I read the words the rainbow tablet shattered into millions of light particles and was integrated into my light body.

The Face of Judgement was gone.






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