Being Alive to Your Spirit – Interview

Being Alive to Your Spirit - Interview

This week I was very blessed to be interviewed by Christoph Spiessens

You can check out the interview here! 

“In this soul-soothing episode, I chat with @melodyrgreen, author of the new book, “A Tipsy Man Goes Naked – Love Tales and Recipes.” @melodyrgreenbooks This remarkable work is a fusion of love, life and food. Across time and cultures, part fiction and non-fiction, part autobiographical and part character based. It’s a seamless, educational combination of poetry, short stories, culinary recipes and recipes for a more delicious life.

However, Melody is not just on the show to share how a dodgy advertisement in a local newspaper marked the start of a successful writing journey 20 years ago… She is also a professional Career Counsellor, Soul Coach and Angel Intuitive. With the extraordinary encouragement from the Angelic Realm, Melody empowers her clients to become truly alive to their spirit and in this episode, she generously extends that support to our listeners.

If you are someone who works in the motivational/healing/leadership space and want to ensure that your own cup stays full in order to serve others more effectively and without being adversely impacted by energy, this recording is for you! Melody’s powerful new spiritual (and complimentary!) resource called, “World Attunement Days” is particularly helpful for Empaths who may have taken on excess amounts of grief or who want to transcend their feelings of loneliness. (All info:

Make yourself a nice brew and get comfortable for a truly healing listening experience. Available on all major #podcast platforms.”

About the Author

Melody R. Green is an angel communicator, soul coach and award-winning author, living in Newcastle, NSW, Australia – who with the help of the Angels frequently advises her clients about how to navigate the twists and turns of the human road we call love. A Tipsy Man Goes Naked – Love Tales and Recipes is her first work of fiction.


2019 Melody R. Green | All rights reserved.



Release Loneliness World Attunement Day

Release Loneliness

Imagine a condition that makes a person irritable, depressed, and self-centred, and is associated with a 26% increase in the risk of premature mortality. Imagine too that in industrialised countries around a third of people are affected by this condition, with one person in 12 affected severely, and that these proportions are increasing. Income, education, sex, and ethnicity are not protective, and the condition is contagious.

The effects of the condition are not attributable to some peculiarity of the character of a subset of individuals, they are a result of the condition affecting ordinary people. Such a condition exists—loneliness.


The growing problem of loneliness

Written by John T. Cacioppo and Stephanie Cacioppo

This article appeared in The Lancet, February 03, 2018


I am not surprised by this article. As a psychic counsellor, I deal with this problem on a daily basis. It is the main motivation for poor relationship choices and people staying in relationships that are toxic and unsupportive. Many addictive behaviours can be attributed to it and I know many clients of psychic phone lines call because of loneliness not because they are troubled.

When the medical profession realises loneliness is a major contributor to world health in the western world, you know the statistics that are being banded around are only the tip of the iceberg.

I was curious to see what the Angels had to say about this common dilemma and how the World Attunement Day process could help.

Here is what the Angels say…

Loneliness is:-

  1. Being unable to communicate things that seem important to you and feeling these or you, are unaccepted and unacknowledged by someone who you consider is important to you.
  2. To not be seen fully, respected and acknowledged for who you truly are (without masks) by a person important to you.
  3. The distress caused by the gap between your personal ideal about your relationships and the perceived social relationships you’re having.


Loneliness results from feeling:

  • Abandoned
  • Betrayed
  • Condemned
  • Denied
  • Unworthy
  • Unloved
  • Misunderstood
  • Ostracised
  • Isolated
  • Not belonging
  • Alone
  • Unseen/unwitnessed
  • Unrecognised

Of meaningful relationships with others.

What kind of relationships can be impacted by loneliness?

  • Grandparents
  • Parents
  • Aunts/uncles/cousins
  • Siblings
  • Friends
  • Romantic partners
  • Career
  • Land of birth
  • A memory of the land of soul’s greatest happiness
  • Places
  • Seasons
  • Society
  • City
  • Country
  • Talents
  • Soul
  • Religion
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Devas/Spirit Beings/Angels
  • Planetary Soul groups/Soul family
  • Soul mate


Starting on 15 June 2019 @ 7:00pm your time there will be 3 World Attunement Days (June–July–August) to help release your attachment to loneliness.

I will add session information to the blog from 9:00am AEST 15th of each month.

WAD – Release Loneliness – Session #1

Who is Melody R. Green?

Melody has agreed to assist us and humanity by giving her time to put this into the world for us. She is an energy tuner (healer) and soul coach and has worked with the Angelic Realm and other entities as a guide for over 25 years. She is making the information available to you and helps hold the space for the connections to happen. This service is free as a gift to humanity and we thank her for her ongoing love and support.


World Attunement Days | ©2019 Melody R. Green | All rights reserved.

A Tipsy Man Goes Naked – Love Tales and Recipes


TIPSY MAN - Final Cover

This is the title of my latest book, and possibly the cover…

This book has had a very long gestation period, like twenty years!

I had the idea for the book in 2009 but it took time to assemble the characters and recipes.

I presented it to a publisher who told me to forget the idea altogether as there as no market for short stories and recipes  but I knew there was and I refused to give up, even if I had to park the project for a few years until the world had caught up with my concept.

In the interim I worked on other books, equally as important but maybe not as much fun as this one.

It’s like the icing on the cake to get the chance to write what you really want, playfully and with child-like imagination, rather than something that is fitting into non-fiction parameters. This is the beauty of writing fiction, it allows the author so much more space to roam in the fertile plains of the imagination.

Of course it’s not all fun. There is slog and a need for the  nose to be at the grindstone, especially in terms of the editing and marketing of any book, but this book still weighs in with more pleasure than pain, and maybe that’s because I’ve matured as a writer. I’ve learned the business end of it, not completely of course, there is always more to learn. But I’m not the greenhorn I was.

I’m grateful for my learning and the opportunity to present this book to the world. It should hit the online bookstores in about 4 weeks.

And if you’re interested keep watch on Instagram or Facebook for updates.Book Titles

A Tipsy Man Goes Naked  – Love Tales and Recipes.

The Muse of Aroma and Taste offers the reader a collection of short stories, recipes, and anecdotes that explore food, love, and the senses in a single day.

Recipes and stories from across the world and the centuries are combined; some are simple fairy tales and others heartfelt explorations of love.

​The Muse asks the reader to question their understanding of love…
What is love?
Can it last over time?
Is love of a career as memorable as a lover?
How do you mend a heart that has lost love?
Where are you tuned into love?
What time of the day are you most open to love?

Throughout the book, the Muse of Aroma and Taste weaves all the emotions, flavours, and textures of love, thereby conjuring up a veritable feast of culinary delights.


©2019 Melody R. Green | All rights reserved.

The Author’s Journey


BILYS FB promo

This week my book Beloved I Love You So... has been entered into the Readers Favourite International Book Awards. the judging will take place over the next few months and I will know how it goes by September.

It feels a bit like when my son went to university and I wondered how the whole higher education thing would go. Would my son be successful? Would it be a good experience for him and me? What would happen as a result?

And to some degree any creative project is a bit like a child. You invest such a lot of time, effort, blood , sweat and tears into the process. First the writing process, then the editing process and finally the marketing process. Like many writers I find the marketing process particularly challenging, followed by the editing process and then the writing process.

Beloved I Love You So… took quite a few months to write and in the beginning I was reluctant to even think of it as a book at all. It was simply therapy! But me and my big mouth meant I mentioned it to my editor and she said, “Send it to me!” and I did.

She came back in her usual direct manner and said “You have to publish this, is it a really good book about love.” It took some convincing, but finally I said yes.

Why did I need convincing?

Mainly because it feels such a personal book. It is after all a memoir. It is real to me. It involves really deep, sometimes difficult emotions and it covers a period of my life and a love that lasted for forty years. That’s a period of time longer than many marriages, certainly longer than mine – and covers more than half my life.

When love first arrives in our lives we have no idea where the journey will take us, and this is true for writing too.

We write the book, publish it and then let it fly out into the world. This week after three years, the book has come back with it’s next step on the journey, and like any mother I am anxious for what happens next.

Keeping fingers (and toes) crossed for a successful outcome.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Beloved I Love You So… 

One woman’s great love story told in the letters she wrote Beloved, I Love You So is more than a memoir about love. It’s a profound exploration of what it is to love in all its many nuances, depths, forms, symbols, and senses. This is a book that takes you on a very personal and multi-faceted voyage into that most human and, at the same time, most divine of emotions. When you have read the last letter, turned the last page of the book, and arrived at the end of your journey, you will discover your understanding of love has been immeasurably expanded and enriched. You will never experience love quite the same way again. You will be forever changed. A lyrical lesson in how to love and be loved.


This touching story told in love letters takes you on a journey of love and longing and lingers with you after reading it. A heartfelt exploration of love and yearning.
I read this incredibly moving book on a long haul night flight. It made me reflect on my own love life and also the dynamics of love in our lives in general. I would highly recommend this book.
Carlie rated it 5 stars
What a gorgeous collection of love letters. I started reading this as I was going through a bit of a heartbreak of my own, and so started connecting with the love for and yearning of another person – but as my understanding around my own situation evolved, so did reading Melody’s letters. I loved that the story that ultimately unfolded was the truly expansive nature of love, in all its forms. The love for one itself first, in order to truly love others. The beauty of discovering yourself through loving another. The honest love, that doesn’t want anything in return. Melody writes beautifully; her words made me warm and hum inside. Melody writes about love in a way that will speak to your soul, it certainly did mine. Thank you Melody.

©2019 Melody R. Green | All rights reserved.

Handling Shocking Events

Handling Shocking Events

Friday 22 March 2019 @ 7:00pm Your Time



If you have found yourself here at this post you have been guided to find a better way to understand and deal with shocking events in your life.

This attunement process is a direct result of my question to the Angels…

“How can I help others who are suffering from the impact of shocking events?”

A few days ago a community was attacked while in prayer in two mosques in Christchurch NZ. This quiet and peaceful country was attacked and shock rippled around the world. It seems in the last two decades there has been an increasing number of shocking events that have rocked humanity to its core.

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People are usually the first people on the scene of a shocking event, because they are often involved in healing, caring and helping industries. As part of their desire to help they will often take on the emotional trauma of others and bury their own responses to the events inside their emotional bodies. They will often do this unconsciously.  This action might be an adequate coping mechanism in the immediate emergency but over a period of time it impacts detrimentally on the helpers’ emotional state resulting in PTSD symptoms, depression, burn-out and disassociation in order to function on a day to day basis. If the person is unable to process the emotions effectively addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling and other behaviours may start to show as a desire to escape and switch off from the trauma.

So how does shock work in the body?

Medically shock is diagnosed as:

Shock may result from trauma, heatstroke, blood loss, an allergic reaction, severe infection, poisoning, severe burns or other causes. When a person is in shock, his or her organs aren’t getting enough blood or oxygen. If untreated, this can lead to permanent organ damage or even death.

But before the body registers shock there is the impact of that shock on the non-physical aspects of the body…

I work with the Angelic Realm to bring forth self care and healing techniques that deal with the wellbeing of your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies… in other words the 75% of you that is not your physical body.

When you register a shocking event a few things happen to you…

  • Your non physical bodies go into protection mode by trying to exit the body.
  • Your electro-magnetic body registers the shock and alerts the adrenal glands for fight, flee or freeze responses
  • Your spiritual body asks – What can I learn here?
  • Your mental body asks – How can I protect myself here?
  • Your emotional body says – Let me feel, express and respond to this event emotionally…
  • Your emotional and spiritual bodies need time to receive and respond and your mental body wants to react immediately. You are in fact, at war with your body’s different needs.
  • The best result happens when all of you works together… this is why a rescue remedy such as Bach Flowers or Australian Bush Emergency essences ** are so helpful.

When you work together as one unit, each body has a role to play.

  • Your physical body responds to the shock, checks to see if you are hurt and sends information to the brain so it can decide whether to fight to live or not.
  • Your mental body decides if your physical body is in danger and looks for a solution to defend the body.
  • The spiritual and emotional bodies open themselves to experience the whole event to gain maximum knowledge for the soul to utilise and gain wisdom.

Then as soon as the danger has passed the body goes into recovery mode. The problem of shock, stress and recovery becomes a problem if

  • the event is sustained longer than is safe for an individual body to cope with (and this is different person to person)OR
  • there are a series of events that happen close to each other consecutively OR
  • if previous shocking events have not been properly dealt with OR
  • if the person has unresolved emotional trauma from another time (often childhood) that can be triggered by the event.

If the event is too shocking and the mind, heart and spirit cannot make sense of the event then the whole body shuts down.

A person with long term shock responses will often come across as:

  • emotionally disconnected or a “zombie”
  • depressed
  • emotionally fragile
  • suffering with pain in the physical body such as headaches, back aches and non descript pains of all kinds
  • heartache… that can be physical
  • showing signs of physical injury to the right side of the body

Many years ago a woman came to me because she had been falling down, slipping and spraining the right hand side of her body… wrist, knee and ankle. She had been checked out for neurological imbalances and was given a “clear bill” of health. The first thing I noticed about her was she was not in body, in fact she was almost sitting beside herself and as I looked at these ‘two’ bodies I noticed her physical 3D body was much older than the other – like almost 20 years older.  I mentioned to her that I thought she had been through a terrible shock approximately 20 years ago, did she know what it was? Her eyes suddenly filled with tears and she said her son had been killed running across the road. He was 6 at the time and it was coming up to the 20 year anniversary the coming month. As we talked I noticed her energy literally started to thaw in front of me. I suggested a program of flower essences and colour therapy.  About 6 weeks later she came to see me, a transformed person. Her face had softened and come alive, her natural bloom and colour had returned to her skin. She’d lost 5kgs, her back was straight and she appeared enthusiastic for life. She said she had finally been able to discuss the loss of her son with her husband and that he too was starting to change. And she’d had no more falls, sprains or disturbances to her right hand side. She was in fact in her body and all parts of her were in harmony.

It would be hard to say how many people are in a state of shock brought about by many different aspects of life, but at a guess I would say at least 50%… and I say this by observing the every people all around me, in the mall, on the street etc. All clients that come to me are in some state of shock and need to be realigned with them-selves.

It is easy to go out of our bodies. The most common time is when we sleep and then when we return to our bodies after sleep, but shocking events trip us more deeply and the impact lasts longer. As a result of this shock we are more likely to be vulnerable to energetic vampires and this in turn creates a whole other level of issues for the soul.

When we do a World Attunement Day session we are holding a space for the whole world to heal. Each person that takes part does so for themselves and those they love, whether they are aware of this or not. Releasing grief or feelings of loneliness or shock are all ways to rebalance our spiritual, emotional and mental bodies into a more harmonious whole… and this in turn opens us to more love, joy and willingness to be true to ourselves and others.

If you would like to take part in this World Attunement Day – Handling Shocking Events attunement all you need do is follow this link:

It will take place on Friday 22 March 2019 @7:00pm YOUR time zone.

Handling Shocking Events – Session 1

The angels will keep this portal open for a period of time so that all souls wishing to take part can add their love to the vibration and heal themselves and others who wish it.

With Love and Blessings from

Melody and the Angels

** Flower Essences and Other Tools

Flower Essences:

  • Bach Rescue Remedy – – follow instructions on label. If you are unable to digest then add a few drops to your hands and massage them into your hands or feet.
  • Australian Bush Flower Remedies – follow instructions on label.

Colour Therapy:


 Who is Melody R. Green?

Melody has agreed to assist us and humanity by giving her time to put this into the world for us. She is an energy tuner (healer) and soul coach and has worked with the Angelic Realm and other entities as guide for more than 25 years. She is making the information available to you and helps hold the space for the connections to happen. This service is free as a gift to humanity and we thank her for her ongoing love and support.

World Attunement Days | ©2019 Melody R. Green | All rights reserved.