Angels’ Lovelight # 5



The Angels say… Celebrate you – and all your life holds.

When you celebrate all of you, your successes, your sweet moments, your joys, despairs and failures you are opening the door to receiving more from the universe.

I can hear you ask – “How and why  do I need to celebrate my despairs, my sorrows and failures though? Surely I need to push them away, forget them or bury them?”

And the Angels say… Embrace it all because all of your life is an experience and opportunity for learning. Being grateful for and celebrating your failure allows you to start thinking about

  • what you learned from these experiences,
  • what you can change to make it better,
  • how you can move forward.

If you reject, hide or are ashamed of those moments you are literally holding them in place so they can come back again and consolidate your misunderstanding, bringing you more pain, shame and negative feelings.

And we know you don’t want that, right?

So celebrate it all! 

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Session # 3 – Release Loneliness – World Attunement Day

Release Loneliness - Session #3

Welcome fellow Empaths and HSP’s, 

This post is just a reminder to let you know Session # 3 of the Release Loneliness World Attunement Days Program is due on:

Thursday 15 August 2019 at 7:00 p.m. – your time.

These session notes are from the Angelic Realm, who actively offer this information to humanity at this time.

Session # 3 deals with the loneliness locked into the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine chakras which sit between the root chakra, the sacral chakra and, the heart and throat chakras. They are part of the 5th dimensional higher-being chakras we are adopting as we become more in alignment with the new earth.

Both these chakras have their energy point on the spine and it will be opposite depending on what sex you have chosen to be this time. If you are expressing as a woman you will have the Divine Feminine (pink) on the Lumbar 4 and the Divine Masculine (coral) on the Thoracic 3. If you are expressing as a man they will be reversed, i.e. the Divine Masculine (coral) will be the Lumbar 4 and the Divine Feminine (pink) with be Thoracic 3. The reason for this is the 5th dimensional chakras spiral the body rather than sit in a direct line from the crown to the root chakra as in the 3rd dimensional chakras.

The Thoracic 3 represents your wisdom, inner guidance, intuition, trusting yourself rather than others and expressing who you truly are.

The Lumbar 4 represents your empowerment on all levels. It covers your clarity in the physical form, knowing your purpose and acting from the soul perspective rather than the ego. It’s about valuing yourself and feeling worthy. Much of the world disturbance you can see is a reflection of this lack of worth and trust in yourselves and your unwillingness to accept full responsibility for your responses and the consequences of your actions. You have been led to believe that others have the power not yourselves; but for the divinity of your true souls to shine through, you need to understand you are the power.

You are co-creators of your world and you can and must make the changes to re-balance yourselves. When you do this the earth will re-balance naturally. You do this by living from a loving heart.

The loneliness you feel at this level is the sense of disconnection from your higher being (or soul) and the love of Spirit and the earth you live on. It results in addictive behaviours, lack of joy or enthusiasm, apathy and depression.

Full session notes will be available from Thursday 15 August 2019 @10:00 am (AEST)

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Melody R. Green is an angel communicator, soul coach and award-winning author, living in Newcastle, NSW, Australia – who with the help of the Angels frequently advises her clients about how to navigate the twists and turns of the human road we call love. This is her first work of fiction.

Angels’ Lovelight #4


The Angels Say… Being is a tool of love.

Love is in everything and of everything. Therefore by “being” you are allowing love to permeate your being. To regenerate yourself with the fuel of love. To be your true self which is love.

Being is like getting an instant tank “fill-up” of energy for you to access.

If you realised the importance of being and re-fuelling yourself with love you’d need to:

  • manipulate people less
  • argue and fight with others less
  • not take energy sneakily from others
  • feel depleted, drained and anxious


Now isn’t being worth cultivating?

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Angels’ Lovelight #3


Today the Angels Say…

You don’t need healing… you need attuning and realigning to who you truly are.

You came to Earth whole, seeking to experience giving and receiving love. From the moment you interacted with others your self-love and self-trust was questioned and you felt self-doubt.

Self-doubt made you distrust your intuition and this made you seek others’ beliefs about you above your own.

This fragmented you from your true self and you felt broken.

But you are not broken. You do not need to be healed. You simply have to keep aligning and attuning yourself to the truth of who you are… Love.

Then you will remember, who you are, why you’re here, what you need to do and your soul will have the right vehicle to express itself.

You will be a soul in grace.

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New Opportunities in August…

linkedinbanner 1

Welcome Earth Angels!
I’m coming to you today because the Angels have asked me to let you know what we’re up to…, and some of it might resonate for where you are now and what you need.
And as I was looking for my newsletter template I came across this newsletter … read through it and thought… “Oh MY! Still relevant, especially when we’ve just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. I always think those major “humanity milestones” are a chance to reflect on where we were and where we are now… are we in better shape?  What has happened in that last 50 years and have we as humans become kinder, more compassionate, more understanding and accepting of ourselves and others?
From the mass media perspective I guess the answer is not! But from the individual, one by one perspective I am hopeful of a ground swell of peace.
So I am re-sending to you January 2018 for you to have a look at if you wish.

But back to August 2019.

We are at the end of a very emotionally heavy July of retrograde planets, eclipses that are focused on Male/Female roles, expediency vs compassion, hatred vs love,  money vs value, war vs peace…. and all around us the earth and it’s creatures are showing the strains of this and our choices based on fear of lack and greed. We have been sinking into this stew pot  and the only way to get out is to confront our emotions. As a result HSP’s and Empaths are collectively exhausted and overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the energy.
We must confront our shadow and accept who we are. It is our denial, resistance and avoidance that keeps us stuck in these greater patterns. If you are not dealing with your own personal experiences of these patterns because you have already done much work to heal these patterns within you, you may be required to assist to heal the issues at a “society or humanity” level. Where can you put your thoughts, energy and actions to aid and strengthen the values of acceptance, peace and equality?

You may still be needed as a warrior or light
even if you attempt it from a place of peace.

From an astrological perspective you are given a lot of help as we move through the Lion’s Gate on 08/08 and Mercury and Jupiter move direct, improving communication and giving you opportunities to move forward.

The Angels’ Message

Beloved ones,

We are glad to have this opportunity to speak with you again. We know this has been a difficult period but we wish to inspire in you the sense of hope. 
Things are moving forward and for the better, even if at the moment you feel surrounded by debris and lunacy… (after all, you have just come out of the the sign of Cancer which is ruled by the moon and from which the word lunacy is derived)
But this month of August you re-focus your energies in the heart of the Lion and the power of your sun.
The new Lion’s Gate  portal opening (08/08) is about opening your heart more. In opening your heart you open your intuition and this is the gift of this opening. You need your intuition now in ways  you may not be fully aware of, in terms of the bigger picture and the journey for humanity

Your intuition is your connection to Source.

As the vibration that governs the Earth increases and lightens,  the human race,and all Earth’s creatures, will be effected. This higher vibration by its nature,  will be more fluid, less grounded and quicker. Your point of steadfastness cannot be outside of you, it must be within you or as part of a collective. Like the roots of trees and other phenomenon you are just learning of scientifically – all are connected. (Indigenous communities have long known this to be a truth.) 

This means you need to know you better.
You need to know the truth of your soul choices for this lifetime.

You cannot just go along with the mass or you will find yourself cut off from yourself by the collective sleep of mass consciousness. You need to be awake, integrated and fully able to choose your destiny for yourself.
When you are connected to Source that is truly you, you stabilize your energy so you can respond rather than react to the world around you.

Reacting to anything shows wounds in your psyche that still require healing.

This is why we have asked Melody to work specifically with past lives, alternate lives and projected future lives to help you release the fragments of your Soul Time Line so your connection to Source can be strong and stable.
You may have noticed that some things that you thought were complete have come around for further viewing, or that you have patterns in relationships that are not clearing or that people are returning over and over again to have another connection with you, These are signs of a fragmented Soul Time Line.
The truth is, in the higher vibrational frequency the Earth is moving towards, you cannot be stuck. You must be able to dance on a moving carpet, be fluid and have a light touch to the earth. Being grounded in the earth is about bringing the fullness of your Spirit to earth not being concreted into earth.
As always Beloved Ones, our love, blessings and thanks to Melody…
The Angels

January 2018 Newsletter…

I’m always fascinated by how our minds collate information.
As I wrote “A big moon rising” in popped Creedence Clearwater Revival’s tune Bad Moon Rising.

Was it bad listening on the part of my mind or just sifting through to see what might make the best match, much the way that Google does when you put something in the search engines?

It certainly wasn’t that I was interesting in CCR’s song – in fact I can’t remember when I last heard that song, it must have been years ago. I was only 13 when it was released and not at all interested in popular music as at this time I had begun my singing career and it was involved with classical music and in particular singing at weddings. I think I knew every version of Ave Maria that had ever been written until then! It’s a truth to be told that when you are young you sing at weddings and when you’re past 29 you start being asked to sing at funerals! 
But Bad Moon Rising certainly has a prescient feel to it doesn’t it? Released only a couple of months before the Apollo 11 moon landing its lyrics are as potent now as then – especially when you think of all the climatic changes that have been happening in the last 10 years or so?
In case you don’t want to watch or hear the song, here’s the lyrics…
I see the bad moon arising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin’.
I see bad times today.

Don’t go around tonight,
Well, it’s bound to take your life,
There’s a bad moon on the rise.

I hear hurricanes ablowing.
I know the end is coming soon.
I fear rivers over flowing.
I hear the voice of rage and ruin.

All right!

Hope you got your things together.
Hope you are quite prepared to die.
Looks like we’re in for nasty weather.
One eye is taken for an eye.
Copyright: Lyrics © 1969 THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY

But strangely that is NOT what I wanted to talk to you about in this newsletter.

Rather it was to let you know the current Fire Rooster year is coming to a close and like much of its energy its been about big bangs, big changes, fiery responses and scorched earth. Humans have been going through a hugely transformative year and we are at the end with a last hoorah!

So the next 17 days are not going to be quiet or gentle.

To make sure that you understand this is the end of a big year, what better way than to give us a full moon, super moon and blue moon (such as we have not seen for 150 years) and then for good measure add a lunar eclipse to the equation?
Even hiding under the doona (Aussie term for quilt) is not going to save you from this shift! So best gird loins and stand ready to receive, embrace and deliver.
The focus of this eclipse season is:

  1. What happens to  you and in particular, your emotions, when you are confronted by someone who is a bully, a misogynist, a racist, a manipulator, a sociopath or psychopath etc?
  2. What has happened to you in the past?
  3. What actions did you take (or not)?
  4. How do you handle the emotions you are left with?
  5. How does it make you feel about your fellow man and the state of humanity?
  6. What beliefs are you holding on to that are no allowing this to be healed in yourself or others?
  7. How do you make a stand for equality for all, both to speak and to be heard? 
  8. And what is hiding beneath inappropriate behaviour?
The Angels Speak…

Beloved Ones,

This will be an intense period for everyone. At this time deeply buried unresolved shadows are being uncovered and unveiled within and around you. You are being asked to transmute, heal, resolve and release these shadows.

The theme for this eclipse season is relationships, relating and your emotions.

Remember we mean something more than simply romantic, family and friends.

We mean how you relate to E V E R Y T H I N G.

  • Where in your life are you seeing a relationship that is out of balance with your highest self or Soul self? 
  • Is it in your workplace, finances, health, personal relationships, politics, with the environment or yourself?
  • Where do you need to stand in your truth and be willing to express your sovereignty? 
  • How can you work with differing view points and allow space for it all without lessening or belittling either yourself or others?

As you explore these themes you will need time to rest, integrate and be supported through the changes you are here to see happen in your world.

Do not seek to do this work on your own.

Seek help from those who are able to do so. We are here to guide and heal as necessary… but you know the score… you must ask for our help.

Remember no matter how volatile and apparently turbulent this period is; you are going through a rebirth that has been expected for millennium. In fact you put your hand up to be here at this time as a participant and witness of this great event.

We know how much energy that can take when being in a physical body and this is why we remind you so often that rest and relaxation are essential for this time.

Love and blessings from us and our thanks to Melody to get this message to you…

The Angels

P.S.We suggest you study the tips in Melody’s book First Aid for Spiritual And Emotional Wellbeing we basically wrote it and it’s free! 


Read, Release and Remove Healing #4
Available on 

Until next time…
May lots of love and deliciousness come your way.


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Angels’ Lovelight # 2

pomegranateToday the Angels Say… Be grateful for who you truly are.

You are perfect exactly as you chose to be. Let that you shine out in the world.

Don’t second guess yourself or your journey. Everything you receive is perfect for you to grow and shine, most especially when you don’t think it is!

That’s the true magic of you.


© 2019 Melody R. Green – Angels’ Lovelight – All rights reserved

Angels’ Lovelight #1


Today the Angels say… Be gentle with yourself and others.

You are a precious soul filled with love. Your soul doesn’t like cruelty expressed to any living thing. Treat yourself and others with gentleness and you will blossom brightly in the world.

© 2019 Melody R. Green – Angels’ Lovelight – All rights reserved